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The Associated General Contractors of South Florida realizes the vital impact the construction industry has upon the well-being, comfort and safety of the entire public, and this awesome role requires professional responsibility founded upon honor and trust. This responsibility requires, among other things, that we seek to improve construction methods, management and service, to eliminate uneconomical and improper practices, and to build responsibility throughout the industry. It surely cannot mean less than the establishment of construction service which will give to the investing public an assurance of skill and faithful performance.


On behalf of the the SFAGC Board of Directors, YCF and all AGC members who are alumni of Florida International University, we would like to invite you to the South Florida Innovative Ideas Conference hosted by the FIU Alumni chapter and Co-Hosted by USGBC, BSF, TCU, and AGC YCF.

ENR, Forbes, Barron's, and many newspapers and Construction periodicals are warning of the growing shortage of skilled construction workers. Your business will be affected.

Representative Patrick Murphy, the only contractor in Congress, knows that the health of our environment cannot be separated from the health of our economy. Murphy continues to advocate for Everglades restoration efforts, beach re-nourishment, and inlet dredging projects that are not only important to protect and preserve our environment, but which have a three-to-one return on investment. Click here to Register

Construction Employment Increased in 39 States and D.C. From a Year Ago and in 29 States and D.C. From March To April As “Fragile” Recovery Continues

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Legislative Report

2014 Legislative ends with some victories and no losses. In spite of not securing passage of needed minor changes to the Florida P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) legislation, the overall 2014 session was another success for the construction industry and AGC. See link for full legislative report.
Friday, May 09, 2014

Hard-to-Hire Resolution

Broward County Commission Passes “Hard-to-Hire” resolution. In spite of vigorous opposition from AGC and the construction industry, the Broward County Commission unanimously passed the so-called “Hard-to-Hire” resolution on county contracts over $500,000.00. The commission puts the responsibility of hiring those without a high school diploma or GED, convicted felons, mentally or physically impaired, veterans, and homeless on the backs of contractors. See the complete resolution on the link below.

The SFAGC, the ABC and the CASF have joined together to survey contractors and subcontractors to determine the next step toward an industry-wide voluntary uniform safety training program. See link for details and to respond to the survey.

The South Florida AGC started the Apprenticeship Program in 1989, and has trained hundreds of apprentices to become qualified Journeymen, Foremen, Supervisors, Project Managers and some have gone on to own their own construction business.

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