South Florida Associated General Contractors

The Associated General Contractors of South Florida realizes the vital impact the construction industry has upon the well-being, comfort and safety of the entire public, and this awesome role requires professional responsibility founded upon honor and trust. This responsibility requires, among other things, that we seek to improve construction methods, management and service, to eliminate uneconomical and improper practices, and to build responsibility throughout the industry. It surely cannot mean less than the establishment of construction service which will give to the investing public an assurance of skill and faithful performance.

On Monday, March 9, the South Florida AGC, the Engineering Contractors Association, the Underground Contractors Association and the National Association of Women in Construction joined forces to welcome Florida’s newest Congressman

The AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award is one of the most prestigious recognition a construction contractor can receive.

2015 Regular Session of the Florida Legislature Prepared by Metz, Husband & Daughton, P.A. March 20, 2015

Everyone seems to have their own form of contract these days. Whether it’s the general contractor, subcontractor or design professional, each one has...

Last week, AGC staff attended a “training session” for contractors, subcontractors and other who must comply with the new Broward County “Hard to Hire” program.

County Administrative Policy and Procedures (CAPP)
Volume 14 - Workforce Investment Pilot Program Implementation Procedures
Section I
General Chapter Information

Dear Chairman Gort, Please accept this letter of opposition to the "Responsible Wage" initiative (File Number 15-00035) currently pending before the Commission.

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